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Packages - Basti
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Ayurvedic Health Packages

In our health packages we include either of the below mentioned treatments as per need of persons health complaint.

● Shred Extra Kilos on Body:

● Skin Care Therapy:
Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry skin etc

● GI (Gastrointestinal) Care Regimen:
Hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS etc

● Liver Tone Up Therapy:
Anorexia, Bloating, Gallstones, Jaundice, Fatty liver etc

In ayurveda the term basti resembles to urinary bladder of animal by which the medicine is inserted in the human body. Basti is the treatment of panchakarma in which medicines are pushed in the human body through anus.
When the medicine is pushed in the urinary tract it is termed as Uttar basti.

Many times basti in ayurveda.As is compared with enemas in modern medicine. But comparison of both won’t be ethical as enemas are only given for evacuation of the rectum so that patient can defecate easily. Enema is given by soap water. But basti is given for multipurpose reasons. It is disorder curative, it can act as rejuvenative, and some basti are also given for bowel evacuation too. Hence bowel evacuation can be one of the purpose for which the basti is given.

Medicine Used in Basti
Mainly oils, decoctions, milk preparations are used in bastion depending upon patients need.

Types of Basti
There are many types of basti is mentioned in ayurveda. As but we have to see only some important types regularly used:
1. Nirooha/Asthapan Basti
Mainly the basti in which decoction is introduced in the patients body is called nirooha basti.The decoction is mixed with rocksalt,honey,oil and shatapushpa choorna.This basti is given in large  amount hence mainly enema pot is required to administer this basti.The form of basti is administered to patient after digestion of food. Hence it can be given after 3-4 hours of food consumption. After administrating nirooha basti it should come out of patient’s body with in 48 mins.

Indications for Nirooha/Asthapan Basti
Arthritis, irregular menses, headache, heaviness in body, urinary problems, paralysis, gout, vaginal disorders, bodyache etc.

2. Anuvasan Basti
The basti in which mainly oil is used is called anuvasan basti.The basti is given in small quantity hence big syringe attached to catheter is used to administer this basti.The basti is given when the food is getting digested. The oil used for this basti is mixed with rock salt and shatapushpa choorna.In this basti the oil introduced in the patients body should come out within the period of 12 hours.

Indications for Anuvasan Basti
Arthritis,constipation,prolapse of  uterus,ulcers,bodyache,infertility,skin disorders, mental disorders etc.

3. Matra Basti
In this basti the oil is administered in very small quantity through rectal route.  The oil is administered by syringe with rubber catheter on it.Matrabasti is a safe basti and can be administered regularly as the amount of oil used is very less.

Indications for Matra Basti
Tired and weak person, in disorders of vata, who do lot of hard work, after exercise, in alcoholics, stressed person, it rejuvenates the body.

Poorvakarma (Pre-Procedure) of Basti
Do thorough examination of the patient before administration of basti. Examination will help to give idea of what kind of oil or decoction should be used to give basti and also to decide the proportion of the medicine to be used. Once the patient is mentally and physically fit to take basti he should be given ext snehan and swedan. Swedan should be given mainly on lower abdomen and waist.

Pradankarma (Main Procedure) of Basti
After completion of snehan and swedan the patient is advised to sleep in left lateral position with left leg extended and right leg flexed close to the abdomen. The head of the patient should rest on his left hand. After giving proper position the oil is applied to the anus of the patient .Then the catheter which is on syringe or enema pot is slowly pushed in the rectum.Then the decoction or oil is slowly allowed to pass in the large intestine. See that the medicine administered in the basti is passing properly through the analcanal.While administering the medicine tell the patient to take deep breath. After completion of the basti administration slowly remove the catheter form the patient’s body. Tell him to remain in the same position for ½ minute. And then slowly tap on the buttocks of the patient. Then tell him to getup. The basti should come out of the patient’s body within the mentioned time.

Paschatkarma (Post Procedure) of Basti
Once the basti is out of the patient’s body he is advised to rest for a while and then given bath with warm water. And then he is given light diet. Till the patient is on basti regimen the patient should not sleep in the day time, not to talk loudly, not to have sex,donotdrink cold water, an have bath with cold water, do not roam in hot sun or don’t get exposed to cool wind. All these restrictions should be followed double to the number of days the basti is administered.


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