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Packages - Raktamokshan
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Ayurvedic Health Packages

In our health packages we include either of the below mentioned treatments as per need of persons health complaint.

● Shred Extra Kilos on Body:

● Skin Care Therapy:
Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry skin etc

● GI (Gastrointestinal) Care Regimen:
Hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS etc

● Liver Tone Up Therapy:
Anorexia, Bloating, Gallstones, Jaundice, Fatty liver etc


Letting blood out of the body is called rakta mokshan.Blood is the important dhatu of the human body. Blood when gets infected it leads to many health problems of the human body. Hence to prevent the body from getting diseased it is necessary to remove this infected blood out of the body.

Types of Raktamokshan
1. Jaloukavcharan (Leech Treatment)
Leeches are called jalouka in ayurveda.As they are re produced in water. They stay, eat and get nutrition from water. Hence they are called jalouka.Leeches used in the procedure of raktamokshan are found in small ponds were the water does not flow.
According to modern science leeches are classified in to hirudinea group. They have a special chemical called hirudin in their saliva which prevents blood coagulation.

There are 2 types of leeches:
1. Hirudo medicinalis : Non poisonous type of leeches used in medicinal treatment.
2. Hirudo detrimental : Poisonous type of leeches which after bite give rise to poisonous reactions.

Description of Leeches
Leeches are 2-3 inches long. They have property to contract and retract. Due to this property they can increase and shorten their length. Due to this property they can move and swim in the water. Their upper side is convex and they are bloated internally. Both the ends of leeches have a special succer due to which they can get grip on any object and support themselves. Their color is grayish green and they have transverse circular lines on their body. The front succor has 5 pairs of black dots by the sides which are their eyes. Their body has a thin covering on it which keeps on changing. Below this covering is the skin, they breath with the help of the skin. Their skin has small glands through which secretion oozes out which is jelly like and this discharge then covers the skin. Due to this discharge the skin remains soft and slippery. Their body can contract and retract due to circular and longitudinal muscles.

Their digestive system constitutes of mouth, jaw, and stomach, intestines, int and ext rectum. The blood sucked by them goes directly in the stomach from the mouth via throat. Their saliva contains a chemical called hirudin which prevents blood coagulation. They also have reproductive and nervous system. The leeches first mainly suck the impure venous blood.

Poorvakarma (Pre-Procedure) of Leech Treatment
The collected leeches are kept in a mud pot with fresh water and little mud in it. Fresh water should be put in that pot every 3-4 days and full water and mud in the pot should be changed weekly. Thorough examination of the patient should be done prior to raktamokshan.The leeches should be cleaned 48 minutes prior to raktamokshan by inserting them in turmeric water, this increases their appetite and they become eager to suck the blood. The patient is advised to rest on the bed. The areas were the leeches are to be put should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

Pradankarma (Main Procedure) of Leech Treatment
Doctor should wear gloves in the hand for his safety and put the leeches on affected part of the patient’s body. If the leeches do not suck the blood put a drop of milk or bloods on the part were it has to suck the blood. When the leeches start sucking the blood their mouth turns to the shape of horse shoe. While it sucks the blood cover its body with white wet cloth or cotton. And keep on dripping water on the covered cotton. When the leeches have sucked enough blood they automatically stop sucking and fall. But if they start sucking pure blood the patient will start getting pain at the site of bite and he also might get itching at that site. If this happens turmeric powder should be sprinkled on the mouth of the leech so that it stops sucking the blood and withdraws itself.

Paschatkarma (Post Procedure)of Leech Treatment
When the leeches are removed one helper should clean the leeches by making it vomit the blood it has sucked. It should be vomited by dipping its mouth in turmeric powder and then its body should be gently squeezed to remove the blood in its body. Then it should be kept in turmeric water for sometime and then kept in a separate container. Leech when used once should not be used for next 7 days. The wound of leech bite on the patient’s body should be cleaned turmeric powder to be sprinkled he leech bite and then a gauze bandage should be tied on it. At a time the leeches suck only 2 ml-15 ml of blood.

2. Sirvyadha
The part above the affected area is tied with tourniquet and the blood from the respective vein at that site is withdrawn with syringe and needle recently. But in the ancient times the vein was directly cut with a sharp instrument

Indications for Raktamokshan
Benign tumors, enlarged glands, filariasis,Gout,skin diseases,swelling etc


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