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Packages - Vaman
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Ayurvedic Health Packages

In our health packages we include either of the below mentioned treatments as per need of persons health complaint.

● Shred Extra Kilos on Body:

● Skin Care Therapy:
Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry skin etc

● GI (Gastrointestinal) Care Regimen:
Hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, haemorrhoids, IBS etc

● Liver Tone Up Therapy:
Anorexia, Bloating, Gallstones, Jaundice, Fatty liver etc


It is a procedure in which a person is induced to vomit with the help of emetic herbs. Hence vaman can be said as induced vomiting.Vaman is mainly given in disorders of Kapha dosha.The main and important emetic herb use to give vaman is emetic nut or bushy gardenia which in Sanskrit is called as MADANPHAL.

Poorvakarma (Pre-Procedure)
Before giving actual vaman the patient is given a detailed consultation to get idea of his physical and mental state. This gives vaidya idea of tolerating capacity of the patient and also If the patient is suffering from any health problem which is contraindicated for vaman.
Before administrating vaman the patient is given internal snehan.In this procedure the patient is given medicated ghee to drink on empty stomach early in the morning with a glass of warm water. The ghee given has to be started with the lowest dose and then gradually increased. The ghee is given for 3,5 or 7 days depending upon the need of the patient
The ghee given internally helps to lubricate the entire digestive system and alimentary tract and also gives strength to the patient while he is undergoing the procedure of vaman.This prevents him from the fatigue while vomiting.
Along with the internal lubrication the patient is also given ext snehan and swedan everyday till the patient is undergoing the ghee treatment.
After the ghee treatment is completed the patient is given rest on the previous day of vaman in which he is not allowed to eat oily food but he is given ext snehan and swedan.
The patient is allowed to have light food for dinner on the rest day it can be in the form of curd and rice, milk rice etc.

Pradankarma (Main Procedure)
On the main day of vaman the patient is advised to wake up early in the morning. He is advised to answer the natures call and then again he is given ext snehan and swedan. After that he is given a mixture of emetic nut, honey and other supportive herbs for vaman to lick. Then he is given a herbal decoction to drink which supports vomiting. Once the patient gets vomiting sensation he is allowed to vomit in a special vessel made for vomiting. He is guided by a helper to support and help him while vomiting. The patient is advised to drink decoction in between this supports vomiting and makes it easier for the patient. While the patient is undergoing the procedure of vaman the record of his pulse and pressure along with the number of times he has vomited and the amount of liquid collected in the vessel is kept note.

Paschatkarma (Post Procedure)
When the doctor feels the patient has vomited enough he is allowed to rest.Then from the day one of vaman up to next 6 days the patient has to follow proper diet regimen prescribed by the doctor.

Indications for Vaman
Sinusitis, recurrent cold, cough, asthma, skin problems,infertility,obesity, acidity, digestive disorders,etc.

Contradication for Vaman
Patient with generalized debility, old age, very young kids, very weak, cardiac disorders,ascites,piles,pregnancy,headaches.

Benefits of Vaman
1. Brings lightness in the body.
2. After few days of vaman the patient feels fresh.
3. The ailment for which vaman is given is controlled.
4. Keeps mind peaceful.


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